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The concept of the Dentists Who Care For ME event was an idea of local Skowhegan dentist, Dr. Demi Kouzounas. “It’s just something that we thought we could do for people,” said Dr. Kouzounas, one of the key organizers of the event who helps promote the program along with the Maine Dental Association. “For a lot of people, just one appointment a year can make a big difference,” Dr. Kouzounas adds. 

The event began nine years ago when Kouzounas and another dentist, Dr. Barry Saltz of Scarborough, organized Portland-area dentists and specialists to volunteer their services for people in need. Since then, over 3,500 patients have been seen and about $1.1 million dollars worth of free dental services have been provided. The most requested treatment each year has been extractions. 

Besides dentists, dental hygienists and dental students from the University of New England College of Dental Medicine will be on hand to help educate people, especially those who rarely see a dentist, about caring for their teeth.