MDA Legislative Updates – 131st Legislature

The MDA is a leader in oral health in Maine. The MDA’s Public Affairs/Government Relations Committee reviews proposed legislation related to dentistry and advocates as needed, including providing expert testimony on key legislative proposals.

Bills of Interest
: MDA’s most current bill tracking spreadsheet can be found here.

Joint Standing Committee on Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services 131st Legislature First Regular and First Special Session Brief Summary of Enacted Laws can be found here.

Maine Legislature’s Home Page includes a wealth of information about Maine’s legislative process, including how a bill becomes a law. You can research the legislative history of any bill and Maine’s statutes online here:

Bill Status Search: You can determine the current status of any bill in the 131st legislature by searching here:

If you do not know the bill’s LD number (Legislative Document Number), you can click on “Advanced Search” and search by keywords.