Northeast Delta Dental Tri-State Loan Payment Reimbursement Program

Application is due May 15, 2024
Applicants should submit completed applications to by May 15, 2024. 
Questions? Please email 

Program Elements: This Tri-State Loan Payment Reimbursement Program (the Program), funded by Northeast Delta Dental, promotes increased access to oral health services by offering reimbursement for educational loan payments to eligible dentists throughout northern New England (ME, NH, and VT). The first application cycle was in the Fall of 2022 and there were two cycles in 2023. There will be two subsequent application cycles in 2024. Awards will be made each year, with applicants eligible to receive funding for up to three years. Applicants must annually verify they meet program criteria for funding beyond the first award year by completing and signing a Reimbursement Certificate. Read more.