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*Managing Dental conditions (Boomer Generation)/ Successful Tactics in Managing Peri-implant Disease
*Autism ​& Strategies/ Silver Products & Non-surgical Mgt of Caries - the Old the New & the Ugly
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NEW Hands-on Course

Dr Allen Ali NassehSafety and Simplicity In Root Canal Instrumentation           Register online here 
December 7, 2018​​
Dr Allen Ali Nasseh​      
University of New England, Portland Campus
​9am to Noon - Lecture
1pm to 4pm - Hands On

Dr Anne KochSafety and Simplicity In Root Canal Instrumentation
December 7, 2018
Dr Anne Koch
University of New England, Portland Campus
​9am to Noon - Lecture 1 pm to 4pm - Hands On

Sponsored by Real World Endo

Nearly 25 years after the introduction of Nickel Titanium Rotary Instrumentation to endodontics, we’ve learned much about the clinical strengths and limitations of these great instruments. With recent improvements in metallurgy, enhanced designs, and innovative rotary file motions, we need to understand how these changes affect clinical instrumentation. Furthermore, we must take advantage of these improvements to create an instrumentation protocol that combines Safety with Simplicity! In this presentation, a new reciprocating technique will be introduced that will result in safe, efficient instrumentation for all root canal types. After attending this presentation, be ready to improve your instrumentation predictability while dramatically reducing instrument separation. Furthermore, a simple yet effective obturation method will be introduced that combines the latest in material science with endodontic synchronicity for passive, bonded root canal obturation.

All participants will have the opportunity to validate these concepts during the hands-on session. Real World Endo remains dedicated to the preservation of the natural dentition.​