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Patient Resources

Keep your smile healthy and bright

Your oral care needs are as unique as you are. The ADA website has everything you need to know about keeping your smile healthy and bright. Explore ADA seal products, find helpful information, search for an ADA dentist, and/or grab tools for your classroom.

ADA Seal dental care products

The ADA Seal of Acceptance has been the leading mark of dental product safety and efficacy for 90 years. All ADA Seal products products have passed our toughest tests for safety and effectiveness. Looking for the right product? Search all the current Seal products by company, category, and more.

Dental care topics

Advice for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, plus common dental concerns. offers resources by life stages for adults, teens, babies and kids, and pregnancy.

Dental care questions

Not sure how to choose a dentist? When should your child see a dentist? What can you expect at a visit? Get the answer to your dental care questions.

Find an ADA dentist

Your teeth are amazing. Seeing an ADA dentist keeps them that way. Find an ADA dentist near you.

Tools for educators

Teaching children good oral hygiene habits early can lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles. The ADA offers helpful oral care resources you can use in the classroom and the community. Explore available tools.

Motivate at Home

MOTIVATE at Home is a free oral health education program. It is ideal for care partners of older adults who reside in their homes. By participating in the program, you will learn:

  1. The connection between oral health and overall health.
  2. Why older adults are at greater risk of oral health problems?
  3. The steps for adequate at home oral health care.
  4. How to speak to your health care provider about oral health.
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