New Federal and State Laws Impacting Dentistry

Informational Letter Regarding Enacted Laws During the 131st First Regular/Special Session of the Maine State Legislature
During the 131st First Regular session and Special session, certain laws were enacted that either directly or indirectly impact the Maine Board of Dental Practice (“the Board”) and its enabling statute referred to as the “Dental Practice Act” (Ref. Title 32, Chapter 143). Download PDF to view the list and summary of those laws, including their effective dates and implementation status, as applicable.

MATE Act - Controlled Substance Education Requirement for DEA Registration FAQ (Rev. 4/10/23)
Sec. 1263 of the spending bill Congress passed in December 2022 requires controlled
substance prescribers to complete 8 hours of one-time training on safe controlled substance
prescribing as a condition of receiving or renewing a DEA registration. The statutory language
was taken from a separate bill, titled the Medication Access and Training Expansion Act (or
MATE Act). Click here for the latest version of this document.
*Note that page 4 question 9 focuses on eligible trainings offered by the ADA.